How to Drink More Water

You’ve probably been told to drink more water many times in your life. A common recommendation is 8 glasses a day. This is easy to remember, but does not measure your personal level of hydration. You may need more or less depending on the weather, your health, and how much you exercise. Continue reading →

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Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

I sometimes wish I could be one of those carefree, happy-go-lucky people, but the truth is I’m not. I’m always pushing to get to the next step and, in some way, make things ‘better’ than they are now. This can manifest itself in many ways, and one of those ways is my long to-do list for our new home. Sometimes my personality is helpful, because I’m proactive and hard-working, but it can also lead to becoming overwhelmed and burnt out.

It may be your personality, a big event in your life, or someone else pressuring you into things. Life is full of stuff and that stuff can pile up until you’re climbing a mountain so big you don’t know how you’ll ever reach the top. When you’re tired, how do you keep going? Continue reading →

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Organization Quotes

Inspiration can come from multiple sources. These organizing quotes come from people in all walks of life such as politicians, philosophers, authors, and fictional characters. Continue reading →

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Meal Planning for Beginners

I used to come home from a long day at work tired and stressed, and then have to decide what’s for dinner. Hamburger helper, anyone? As I discovered in my own life and verified while researching for my decision fatigue post, my brain clocks out at that time of day. I dreaded the daily dinner decision, and so I turned to meal planning to solve it.

I didn’t do anything scientific. My husband and I would just think of a few meals we’d like to eat that week and jot them down. Often we would make some meal decisions at the grocery store as well. We were childless and both working full-time, so that worked for us. When I cut down my working hours, some of my goals were to cook more from scratch and spend less on our groceries. Continue reading →

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Balancing a Check Register

Keeping a check register is the first step. You can find the article about setting up a check register here. The second step is balancing it to your bank statements. This step is important because it verifies that your check register has an accurate available balance. You can balance using your online transaction history but I find it is easier to keep track of by using monthly statements (you may want to print these from your computer if you get e-statements so that you can write on it).

What You Will Need

  • Your check register
  • Your bank statement
  • A pencil and eraser

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How to Keep a Check Register

I do not think keeping a check register is necessary for everyone these days. Technology makes it easy to quickly check our bank account balance and see what transactions have cleared. For many people, that is enough.  However, in my banking career I saw many people who would benefit from a deeper understanding of their bank account balance. The people this would most benefit are those who have little or no ‘cushion’ in their bank account and those who like to write physical checks.

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