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My name is Heidi. I’m glad you’re here! Finding Life’s Corners is about the struggles we all face: managing our finances, providing food and shelter for our families, and putting procedures in place to go through our days smoothly instead of constantly fighting our surroundings. All my life I’ve wanted to be an ‘adult.’ However, there has never been a moment when I thought “Aha, I’ve finally arrived!” The countless number of “adult life” memes find the humor in the fact that we are supposed to know it all but really learn as we go.

Finding Life’s Corners breaks life down into basic pieces. I believe that by focusing on one thing at a time, life becomes easier to manage. Maybe you struggle with lack of focus, are trying to create an exercise routine that works for you, or spend minutes every day trying to find your keys. In areas where I am weak, maybe you are strong. This blog is meant to be a community for us to learn from each other!

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I live in rural Minnesota with my husband John and two cats, Zelda and Zoe. We purchased a home in fall 2016. After spending my adult life moving many times, I am so excited to stay in one place and settle into our home! In the past I always felt like I could never really fix things the way I wanted to, whether that was because we would only be there a short time or because of rental restrictions. I’d love to take you on the journey of figuring out life.