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Productive Procrastination

Procrastination is almost a bad word in the English language. It’s often looked down upon as lazy or linked to feelings of guilt in the mind of the procrastinator. It creates a level of stress because there is an unmet commitment. What would you say if I told you that procrastination can be used productively? Productive procrastination sounds like an oxymoron but it has a real following.

There are times I become remarkably productive while procrastinating. While avoiding The Task, I do other important things in an effort to assuage my guilt. This often involves doing dishes (my least favorite chore) because the self-inflicted punishment of doing another task I don’t like makes me feel better about myself! Continue reading →

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Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

I sometimes wish I could be one of those carefree, happy-go-lucky people, but the truth is I’m not. I’m always pushing to get to the next step and, in some way, make things ‘better’ than they are now. This can manifest itself in many ways, and one of those ways is my long to-do list for our new home. Sometimes my personality is helpful, because I’m proactive and hard-working, but it can also lead to becoming overwhelmed and burnt out.

It may be your personality, a big event in your life, or someone else pressuring you into things. Life is full of stuff and that stuff can pile up until you’re climbing a mountain so big you don’t know how you’ll ever reach the top. When you’re tired, how do you keep going? Continue reading →

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Managing To-Do Lists

I like to think I remember everything. Over time I’ve learned that’s not true, so I write things down. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so it seems like there’s always something I want to be doing or improving on. Soon my to-do list is a novel of its own and I’m too overwhelmed to do anything at all. That completely defeats the purpose of having the list in the first place!

Over time I’ve developed systems to help me to keep a to-do list without letting it control me. Continue reading →

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Todoist Productivity App Review

Todoist is a productivity app that works on all your devices and lets you organize tasks to your heart’s content (integration with Amazon Echo is a bonus). I’ve been using it for four months and have no intention of switching apps anytime soon.

Todoist looks great on any device. Some apps are only available on either Apple or Android but Todoist is made for both. My favorite place to use it is on my iPad but I’m not very attached to my phone in general so that is true for most things. You can also login to your account online. Todoist is cloud-based so no matter where you access it from, your information will be up to date. There is even a Chrome extension to integrate with all your online work. Continue reading →

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How to Set Priorities

We all have things we want in life, whether that’s earning a degree, raising our children to be productive members of society, or just binge-watching our favorite Netflix show. Unfortunately, some choices preclude others. We are taught that we can do anything, and mistake that for being able to do everything. In reality, we are limited by space, time, and our own imperfection.

Setting priorities makes it more likely that we will be able to accomplish the things we want because it helps cut out the distractions. If something is truly a priority, we should not only think about it, but also act on it. Our words and actions can be at odds at times, so having a list of priorities written down can help us to realize that A) That thing really wasn’t a priority, or B) We need to change our actions. Continue reading →

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How to Beat Decision Fatigue

We like to have options, and have more today than at any other point in history. Unfortunately this leads to unique challenges as well, such as decision fatigue and closely-related information overload. It turns out that out decision-making capacity is a limited resource that depletes as we use it throughout our day.

You make more decisions every day than you realize. Should I take a sip of water or keep eating? Should I take a break or push through a few more minutes of work? Should I work out or sleep in? Researchers at Cornell University found that on average people make 220+ food-related decisions every day. That’s only food-related decisions. When you take into account all the other facets of our daily life, it’s no wonder people get burnt out.  Continue reading →

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