Managing life by organizing your spaces.

Steps to Organization – Office

I haven’t really moved into the corner of my house that I intend to be my home office. It’s waiting on a few other major projects with my husband. Meanwhile, my computer desk is beginning to overflow with all my office supplies! The future office area already has some cupboards installed so I decided to go ahead and organize those. It’s near enough to my computer that I will still be able to access things when needed. Continue reading →

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Organization Quotes

Inspiration can come from multiple sources. These organizing quotes come from people in all walks of life such as politicians, philosophers, authors, and fictional characters. Continue reading →

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Steps to Organization – Spare Room

What do you do when faced with a pile of stuff to organize? I wanted to show you my thought process when I go into a project like this. It looks intimidating at first but dividing and conquering makes it easier. I wrote about the general concepts in my Organizing 101 post. Here, I will go over the steps in a real-life scenario. Continue reading →

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Organizing 101

My husband and I moved twice in 2016. A moving company was hired for the first move, and not doing our own packing was a mixed blessing. We joked that it was like Christmas every time we opened a box at our new home – we never knew what we would find! Whether or not your kitchen utensils have been found with your Xbox, it can be overwhelming when it feels like all your belongings have been conglomerated into one big pile. Where do you start? When I feel overwhelmed there are a few things I do. First, I make myself a cup of tea and sit down with a good book for 10-15 minutes to help myself relax. Then I follow these steps:  Continue reading →

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