20 No-Spend Weekend Ideas

It’s easy to fall into spending habits and not really think about them. Having a no-spend weekend allows you to take account of your regular spending and find creative ways to minimize it, at least on a temporary basis.

Does that mean you can’t have any fun this weekend? Not at all! You’ll save money and may even decide to implement no-spend weekends regularly.

20 Things To Do on a No-Spend Weekend

Be Prepared

There are a few things you will need for a successful no-spend weekend. Make sure your car is full of gas and you have enough food in your home.

Here Are 20 No-Spend Weekend Ideas

1. Take Pictures

I’m not much of a photographer, but I always wish I had more family pictures. Take this no-spend opportunity to create some memories and document them with pictures!

2. Hike, Bike, or Swim

These activities are often free, and you’ll feel good knowing that you got some exercise.

3. Play a Video Game

Just don’t go out and buy a new game for this! A no-spend weekend is a chance to enjoy the possessions you already have.

4. Clean the House

There is always something to clean. Use this opportunity to catch up on the basics or do some of those twice-a-year kind of tasks.

5. Read a Book

Reading a book is one of my favorite ways to relax. If you don’t have anything at home you can find a free ebook on Amazon or visit your local library.

6. Bake Cookies

Bake cookies, homemade bread, cakes, etc. Eating a delicious treat will make your no-spend weekend feel more indulgent.

7. Write

Maybe your dream is to write a book, or just catch up with your journaling. I’m not very consistent about journaling but it always helps to clear my mind.

8. Practice an Instrument

Unless you’re a professional musician, practicing an instrument can easily get pushed to the bottom of a to-do list. Dust off those ivories or tune your guitar without spending a cent!

9. Declutter & Donate or Sell

This takes time. It’s not so hard to get the little things out of the house, but I have two large appliances and one desk I’ve been meaning to get rid of!

10. Do Yardwork

There’s already plenty to do with mowing and weeding. If you’ve finished those you could pick produce, separate bulb clusters, or spread mulch.

11. Volunteer

Check out local volunteer opportunities for a cheap way to get out of your house and help others at the same time!

12. Play Board/Card Games

My family loves to play board games. Even a deck of cards can provide hours of entertainment; just search the internet for new card games!

13. Call a Friend

Take this opportunity to catch up with a loved one. If you don’t have any minutes on your phone you can use Skype for free over Wi-Fi.

14. Get Crafty

Do you enjoy sewing, painting, or some other art form? Creating art often takes a lot of time so a no-spend weekend is the perfect opportunity for that.

15. Learn a New Language

Duolingo is a free app that teaches 24 different languages. You can also use the web-based version. I like that it includes reading, writing, and speaking (you can temporarily turn off the speaking portions if you are somewhere that would be difficult.)

16. Check Your Community Calendar

Many communities have free, local activities. Look online or in your local newspaper to find activities near you.

17. Take a Bath

Relax with a luxurious bath at home. If you don’t have bubble bath or candles, try putting oatmeal inside an old sock for a moisturizing boost.

18. Have a Picnic

Raid your pantry and head into the great outdoors to enjoy your meal. When was the last time you had a picnic?

19. Hold Family Movie Night

Stay in and cuddle on the couch with a good movie. If you don’t have one you want to watch at home, check out your local library.

20. Play a Sport

Get together a few friends for a pickup game of volleyball, basketball, or whatever your favorite group sport is.

20 No-Spend Weekend Ideas

Takeaways From Your Weekend

How difficult was it for you to refrain from spending money? A no-spend weekend helps you to think about your usual spending habits so you can decide if they are helpful to you in the future.

Did you try something new? Maybe you already do a lot of these activities on your weekend.

What other activities could you do? Not everyone will enjoy the same activity or have access to the same resources. If your favorite free activity isn’t on this list, add it to your own no-spend list.

20 Ideas for a No-Spend Weekend

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