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Managing To-Do Lists

I like to think I remember everything. Over time I’ve learned that’s not true, so I write things down. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so it seems like there’s always something I want to be doing or improving on. Soon my to-do list is a novel of its own and I’m too overwhelmed to do anything at all. That completely defeats the purpose of having the list in the first place!

Over time I’ve developed systems to help me to keep a to-do list without letting it control me. Continue reading →

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Steps to Organization – Spare Room

What do you do when faced with a pile of stuff to organize? I wanted to show you my thought process when I go into a project like this. It looks intimidating at first but dividing and conquering makes it easier. I wrote about the general concepts in my Organizing 101 post. Here, I will go over the steps in a real-life scenario. Continue reading →

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Free Budget Spreadsheet

There are many different budgeting tools you can use. Some popular ones are Quicken, YNAB (You Need a Budget), and Mint. These are good programs and if they work for you, great. I don’t use them for my budgeting because I want to decide how my money is organized instead of following someone else’s system. This prompted me to make my own Excel spreadsheet, which I have been using for the last six years.

Pros Cons
Complete control Manual input
Increased account security Fewer fancy graphics
Review every transaction Requires some Excel knowledge

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Getting Enough Sleep

Some people love to sleep and some feel like it’s a waste of time. Among college students, lack of sleep can be a bragging point, and some CEOs claim that short sleep cycles are what allow them to get more done. We talk about lack of sleep because it’s much more prevalent in our society than over-sleeping. According to a report by the CDC, over 1 in 3 American adults do not get enough sleep. If you fall into this category, there are steps you can take to help improve your chances of a good night’s sleep. Continue reading →

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Todoist Productivity App Review

Todoist is a productivity app that works on all your devices and lets you organize tasks to your heart’s content (integration with Amazon Echo is a bonus). I’ve been using it for four months and have no intention of switching apps anytime soon.

Todoist looks great on any device. Some apps are only available on either Apple or Android but Todoist is made for both. My favorite place to use it is on my iPad but I’m not very attached to my phone in general so that is true for most things. You can also login to your account online. Todoist is cloud-based so no matter where you access it from, your information will be up to date. There is even a Chrome extension to integrate with all your online work. Continue reading →

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How to Set Priorities

We all have things we want in life, whether that’s earning a degree, raising our children to be productive members of society, or just binge-watching our favorite Netflix show. Unfortunately, some choices preclude others. We are taught that we can do anything, and mistake that for being able to do everything. In reality, we are limited by space, time, and our own imperfection.

Setting priorities makes it more likely that we will be able to accomplish the things we want because it helps cut out the distractions. If something is truly a priority, we should not only think about it, but also act on it. Our words and actions can be at odds at times, so having a list of priorities written down can help us to realize that A) That thing really wasn’t a priority, or B) We need to change our actions. Continue reading →

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